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We’re two soul sisters #retreatbabes with a passion for travel and a love of life and spiritual practice. We love people, cultures, opportunity, freedom, being fabulous and we are always learning.

Even though we have both spent decades studying and working with a spiritual community and teacher, we are always open to new experiences and sharing what we have gained for the benefit of fellow mystical explorers.

We LOVE to look for the merging point between life and spirit. That is a big distinction special to us, in the experience we provide because you can live your life as it is, have a divine experience and merge it with your world. This is our definition of the best life ever.

This is rock and roll of the soul.

We welcome you to our circle of spiritual wanderlust which is Divine Immersion retreats, you are now invited to become part of our spiritual community of travellers.

With Love,

Brahmani Ma and Lakshmi Amma xxx

INDIA 2020

January 14th to 27th


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Ganeshpuri is our spiritual home. Varanasi is one of the oldest living continuous spiritual cultures, a thriving city pumping with spirituality. We have picked our two biggest hot spots and created one retreat for you. We’ve had experiences at both that are extraordinary. 

Ganeshpuri is the quintessential village experience where we live simple village life in a homestay and Varanasi is a thriving large spiritual city. Both completely different and yet both provide the divine immersion experience. 

This is a spiritual retreat like no other and culminates in the opportunity to receive a sacred initiation that you can use to enhance your relationship to the divine. A delicious journey of the heart. 

*You are able to do part A which is Ganeshpuri alone, or part A and B including Varanasi. 

INDIA 2020

Pilgrimage! JANUARY 1 - 11

YATRA! or in other words, pilgrimage! 

We want to offer a yatra for serious seekers who would love to do a pilgramage style adventure. 

Lakshmi Amma is taking this pilgrimage down the west coast of India following the steps of the great Saint Bhagawan Nityananda. 

We will fly to Cochin for two nights then travel to  Kanhangad where the famous caves that Nityananda built are and finish in Ganeshpuri. 

After  Kanhanghad we travel up to Udipi, still on the West Coast, the home of Indian cooking, then to Mangalore, then fly to Ganeshpuri for two nights.  

This is for the more experienced yogis or very adventurous and amazing first-timers and of course all lovers of the Avadhut Bhagawan Nityananda. 

The caves are considered a University for Sadhus or enlightened beings. 



Corporate Retreat

Broome, Western Australia

He's so rock n' roll! 

Our own country has a timeless extraordinary spiritual energy. We take you right away out of civilization in style and we teach you the Art of Skilful Being™.

Timeless, present, energy, ritual, sacred, all those things our indigenous people know and we know and respect. Our skill is to bring what we know, to the natural grace of the land and people. Mediation, mindful & Vedic practices, sacred ritual, self-inquiry group sessions which are all parts of the Art of Skilful Being™.

Here you have a divine immersion with spirit and nature. You also gain tools for awakened and present, powerful life.


27th - 28th April 2019

Thank you for indulging us, because this is where we give you knowledge of the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism and the power of language, talking Sanskrit guys. We love this stuff. Talking deep meditations too. Lots and lots of it. And chanting. Here we guide you to understanding the nature of consciousness and its journey of becoming a human and potentially returning back to our divine nature whilst living our life here and now.

Mornington Peninsula 2-day Non-Residentail Retreat

$450 AUD

“Yoga in the grotty reality of life is living on the cutting edge”


Sally Lakshmi Amma Thurley

Spanda Living

Julia Brahmani Ma Renaud

Money Energy Flow

Spiritual teacher, mystic, author, businesswoman, and spiritual teacher who is driven to help people awaken to who they are, become anchored in that awareness and take that experience to transform and heal the world.  She is a published author of the book the She-Monk: Daily Life is the New Spiritual Practice and Mastering Your Inner Game. Sally works with mindfulness in corporate business and also runs courses on philosophy, spiritual development and leadership and has her own spiritual community the Self Knowledge Sangha running regular programs.

Yoga teacher, financial empowerment mentor, book keeper.  Julia helps entrepreneurs and business people to overcome their money blocks and put better systems in place.  A yoga teacher of 20 years experience and registered with Yoga Australia, Julia specialises in womens health issues and core strength.  She uses self inquiry meditation techniques to powerfully unblock your money energy.  Julia has a rare skill that combines deep intuition with practical wisdom, helping women feel empowered financially.

True Soul Sisters.  These two yoginis met at boarding school in the late '80s and have been great lifelong friends, both involved in the same spiritual education, doing 50 years of spiritual practice and sadhana between the two of them.  Joining forces for Divine Immersion Retreats giving you the most professional and knowledgable mentors who know how to hold the space for your spiritual empowerment and deep immersion experience.  You get all their wisdom and love.

*Due to the personal attention and nature of how the spiritual energy works in the places we choose,  participation on our retreats is via application and interview only. 

Want more info?

All our retreats are through application and interview only.

No matter your previous spiritual experience, leave it at the door and come with an open heart and beginners mind. 

Let us give you the best divine immersion experience we can.

We give game changing people the experience and divine immersion into their true self to give them the effulgence and shakti (power) to go and transform their world, divinely connected; big hearted beings dedicated to being of service to the world. Total legends basically.

We are not for you if:

• You are not self-responsible for your life and personality

• You are uncoachable

• You are super competitive

• You don’t have the inclination for peace and harmony

• You hold the attention of the group and are needy and a complainer

We don’t take num nutts. ;-)

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